Quotes I love the stuff! I did not realize how dirty my glasses were! I used to clean them 3 times a week with a spray from the Dr.'s office and thought they were clean until I tried the stuff on my anti glare glasses. Love it! Everything is much brighter. Great for my dirty phone too. Thanks! Quotes
Lori Pfeil
busy mom

Quotes I have scratch resistance coating on my glasses and they're hard to keep clean. Every time I would check them they were dirty and smudged. One day I was visiting the VA in Dallas with my husband and got my glasses cleaned in a demo and WOW, were the ever clean! The glass seemed to disappear! My husband and I both love it. Quotes
Anita Ortloff
Happy Customer

Quotes Bought two containers after the demo sold me at Ft Benning, have been very impressed. Used it on vacation and on the range, with zero fogging or clearity issues. Sales team was polite and just good people, if you wear glasses or count on clear vision protection for your career, try it. Best on market Quotes
Carl Kanzari
Service Member